Farmers grow vegetables.

Do you know where your vegetables come from? From this weekend on, we do!

We found several farms in the neighbourhood to offer vegetable and fruit programmes: weekly, or in our case bi-weekly, you receive a selection of vegetables and or fruit, directly from the farm, delivered at your home.

I’m quite enthusiastic about this, because the longer I think on it, the more advantages I find.

This week's delivery...can you see the possibilities?

This week’s delivery…can you see the possibilities?

First of all, transport. Since it’s locally grown, the amount of transport (and fuel) is minimized. No overseas maritime transport, no trucks, no airplanes. It’s not just good for the environment, it also minimizes the time between the actual harvest and the moment it arrives at our home.

Secondly, bio-farming. we visited the farm that delivers our vegetables and fruit and learned how they have banned insicticides and pesticides. Fine, there are spots on my apples, but at least there are also bird’s nest in the apple trees my fruit comes from. I’ve actually seen the chickens that supply my eggs and I can assure you, those are happy chickens! Having a whole farmyard to run about, now that’s what I call free range.

Thirdly, it’s healthier. A shorter time between harvest and plate means more vitamins that are preserved. But perhaps even more important, it forces us to ‘eat what the season offers us’. Every vegetable has its’ own season and will not be available all year long. It will force us to diversify our vegetables. Not just carrots and peas anymore, but broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, leeks, …

It will allow us to get to know new vegetables and new dishes.


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